About Us

At Leaps & Bounds we love pets!

We know that your dog or cat is not just a pet but part of your family and we understand how important it is to give them the best possible nutrition. This is why we spend years searching for the best ingredients and creating the perfect formula to make the selection of the correct food for your four-legged friend as easy as a walk in the park.

Our food is made with high quality ingredients and is simply bursting with nothing but the best of nature to provide complete and balanced nutrition and ensure your furry friend is healthy and happy.

Jam packed with real meat and veggies and using 100% natural ingredients with added vitamins & minerals providing quality nutrition without the price tag.

Completely natural. Totally delicious.

In fact if your pet doesn’t love eating it we will refund your purchase.

It’s so good that calling it ‘pet food’ seems a little harsh.

Leaps & Bounds food for Petkind

At Leaps & Bounds we love dogs!